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Master proven techniques to rank top in the local 3-pack with step-by-step video guidance and expert insights.


Unlock 2nd half of 2024 strategies and tactics to optimize your Google Business Profile for maximum impact.


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🚀I've tested what works to move the ranking needle in the local 3-pack in the second half of 2024 and created these 17 videos for you!

🚀Get step-by-step guidance on optimizing your Google Business Profile for top rankings with my copy-paste process.

🚀Access proven GBP SEO tactics and custom GPTs to save time, beat your local 3-pack competitors, and leave them in the dust!


Master the art of Google Business Profile optimization

Replicate My GBP Ranking Formula

Access to a proven local 3-pack ranking formula that highlights critical factors and vital connections between GBP and your website.

Turbocharge GBP Rankings

Master the latest GBP ranking strategies, ensuring you are focusing on the key factors that move the local 3-pack ranking needles.

Connect the Ranking Dots Correctly

Access methodologies and custom GPTs to streamline your 3-pack SEO workflow. Connect the dots to rank faster and more effectively.

Optimize Critical Pages

Pinpoint the most relevant topics to elevate the content on critical pages, driving significant Local 3-Pack ranking impact. 

Regional Insights

Enhance content with regional insights tailored to your client’s geography using my custom GPTs.

Optimize Sitemaps

Master techniques to analyze large sitemap datasets, identify gaps, and optimize your clients’ sitemap.


Enhance videos with geo-references using Google geo-metadata to create geo-relevant signals that move the ranking needle.

Overcome Proximity Filters

Discover what GBP and key content factors you need to optimize to overcome proximity filters and beat the competition.

+197.74% in Conversions

Access the copy-paste process that I'm using daily to nearly double Google Ad conversion rates and budget spending.


Matteo, your guide through the GBP Catalyst Mastermind, brings over two decades of SEO expertise to the table.

He has been immersed in the world of SEO since 1998 and is the Co-founder of GMB Crush and owner of "SEO Heroes" a local SEO agency that has successfully run campaigns for renowned brands like Nestle, KFC, Cars24, Huggies, and Purina.

Matteo has helped thousands of GMB Crush members achieve local SEO success by creating the GMB Crush Chrome extension and the full version of GMB Crush, an acclaimed local SEO software focused on GBP Audit and Rank Tracking.

With Matteo's guidance, get ready to take your SEO game to the next level!

MODULE #1: Accelerate GBP Ranking Improvements

Introduction to cutting-edge discoveries that will rapidly enhance your Google Business Profile (GBP) rankings in the latter half of 2024, delivering faster, more impactful results for your clients.

Discover Quick Boost Techniques

Master My Score Formula: Take the first steps with my new GBP ranking performance formula, highlighting essential factors and connections to prevent rapid drops and achieve fast gains in local 3-pack rankings.

Analyze a High-Competitive Niche Example: Review a case study of a client in a highly competitive niche in Las Vegas, showcasing these methods' practical application and success.

Episode 01

Introducing the GBP Catalysts Mastermind Video Training Course—designed exclusively for Local SEO freelancers and agencies.

Episode 02

Access key factor details tested in the 2nd half of 2024 that are crucial for taking action to achieve fast gains in local 3-pack rankings.

MODULE #2: Why Google Picks Up Entities From Your Website Content

Grasp why and how Google picks up entities from your website content and how this impacts your Google Business Profile.

Key Concepts

Entity Recognition: Learn how Google identifies and uses entities from various website elements like media, text, and photos.

Importance for GBP: Understand the role of entities in enhancing data accuracy and relevance for GBP.

Episode 03

Master the art of entity recognition and learn how to leverage it to boost your Google Business Profile rankings and drive more traffic to your clients.

MODULE #3: Leveraging ChatGPT for Local SEO Audits

Discover how to harness the power of ChatGPT 4.0 to audit essential parameters for a thorough website and GBP SEO analysis, giving you a competitive edge.

Leverage ChatGPT for SEO Audits

Replicate Audit Steps: Effortlessly replicate my personal GBP audit process with a sequence of prompts (whether spoken or written), allowing you to zero in on the key factors driving your GBP ranking.

Achieve Ideal GBP Relevance: Master the art of reversing and maximizing your GBP topic relevance scores, igniting your GBP rankings with precise steps that can be executed in minutes.

Episode 04

Learn how to use ChatGPT to audit critical aspects of your client's websites and Google Business Profile content, focusing on key optimization details. Identify and address issues more efficiently, providing quicker turnarounds and higher client satisfaction.

Episode 05

Access a copy-paste process to streamline your workflow and ensure no critical elements are overlooked. You’ll receive detailed prompts and sequences that guide you through the audit process.

MODULE #4: Identifying Hierarchical Topics

Follow a detailed, step-by-step guide to identify and enhance the key pages your client’s website needs to achieve rapid ranking improvements.

Access Hierarchical Topics

Boost Rankings with Targeted Topics: Identify and target the most relevant topics to enhance the content on your critical website pages, driving swift GBP ranking improvements.

Develop a Strategic Content Plan: Follow my step-by-step process to develop a well-structured content strategy focused on hierarchical topics, utilizing a custom-trained proprietary GPT

Episode 06

Learn how to create content hierarchy effortlessly using my custom-trained GPT model in just a few clicks.

MODULE #5: Identifying Hierarchical Topics

Quickly reinforce website content by creating robust hierarchical topical maps, enhancing the structure of the site linked to your Google Business Profile.

Strengthen Content Hierarchy

Implement a Strong Interlinking Strategy: Develop a comprehensive interlinking strategy in seconds that seamlessly integrates with all previous steps, ensuring that website content is SEO-connected.

Adopt a Regional Content Approach: Optimize the content strategy by incorporating regional insights tailored to your client’s business and geography, creating powerful geo-signals that deliver immediate impact.

Episode 07

Discover how to further strengthen your content hierarchy and topical map with an advanced interlinking scheme and geo-relevant details.

MODULE #6: Automating Website Silos Structure

Use my GPT-trained model to streamline the structure of your client's website silos, improving content organization efficiently.

Automate Website Silos

Eliminate Guesswork in Structuring: Remove the guesswork from structuring your client's domain URLs and websites for better SEO outcomes.

Dominate Sitemaps Effectively: Easily analyze large sitemap datasets with my method, identify gaps, and optimize your client's sitemap to achieve top rankings in the 3-pack.

Expand Keyword and Traffic Reach: Broaden your keyword and traffic reach by uncovering new keyword opportunities to enhance your local search rankings.

Episode 08

Ensure your website's key pages are effectively organized according to previous steps, enhancing all relevant E-E-A-T signals needed to rank in the local 3-pack.

Episode 09

With a step-by-step prompt process, you can quickly set up a silo structure that enhances content relevance and boosts Local 3-Pack visibility.

Episode 10

Master techniques to analyze large sitemap datasets, identify gaps, and optimize your clients’ sitemaps to achieve top rankings in the Local 3-Pack. 

MODULE #7: Turbocharged Content Alignment Strategy

Get a GPT dive into top competitor content, break down their on-page structure, and snag the entities you need to skyrocket your GBP rankings in no time.

Reverse Engineer Competitor Content

Content Morphing: See how I use Chat GPT for content morphing, supercharging any page with LSIs, entities, and pinpoint location mentions.

Prompt Sequence: Get your hands on my favorite custom GPT and the go-to prompts I use to knock out stellar content analysis/optimization in seconds.

Episode 11

Use ChatGPT to morph your existing content, adding relevant keywords, trust signals, and location-specific details.

MODULE #8: Optimize GBP Services

Access detailed steps to supercharge your GBP services using the key elements of the Catalyst Method for maximum impact.

Optimize GBP Services

Create Video Media for GBP Services: Discover how I quickly produce engaging video shorts that reflect your website’s service content and align with your GBP service details.

GBP Video Manipulation: Learn how to enhance videos with geo-references using Google geo-metadata to amplify your local relevance and visibility.

Episode 12

Learn how to correctly choose GBP services and discover the best way to decide which services to add for maximum ranking impact.

Episode 13

See how to combine your selected GBP services to ensure your profile matches the highest topical score. Access the formula.

Episode 14

Learn techniques to create compelling GBP videos that align with your service details and capture relevant NAP and geo-signals.

Episode 15

See how to geo-tag GBP video content right before uploading by leveraging Google metadata.

MODULE #9: 2024 YouTube Geo-Silo Strategy

Leverage my custom GPT to craft a comprehensive YouTube silo strategy using the Geo-Silo playlist method to dominate local search.

2024 YouTube Geo-Silo Strategy

Playlist Content Structure: Develop all the content required to build YouTube Geo-Playlists that perfectly align with your GBP service details, ensuring seamless content integration.

Implement Effective Siloing: Use my custom GPT to designs a fully interconnected strategy between playlists to maximize proximity SEO and boost your local visibility.

Episode 16

Learn how to design a fully interconnected strategy between playlists, using my proximity SEO techniques.

MODULE #10: +197.74% Google Ad AI Trained
[for Local SEO Clients]

Follow my exact ChatGPT workflow to boost Google ad conversion rates and efficiency by almost 200%.

Use ChatGPT for Ad Optimization

Optimize Budget Spending: Get detailed GPT prompt steps on how to smartly manage and maximize budget spending for Google Ad campaigns using critical campaign insights.

Increase Conversion Rates: Learn GPT strategies to skyrocket conversion rates and achieve superior performance for your local clients with Google ads.

Episode 17

Learn how to boost Google Ad conversion rates by 197.74% using AI-driven techniques.


1) Achieve Faster Local 3-Pack Rankings:
Apply the freshest ranking data and optimization strategies from the Mastermind to drive faster local 3-pack rankings.

2) Boost Client Satisfaction and Retention:
Deliver tangible, measurable improvements in local search visibility, leading to increased client satisfaction and long-term retention.

3) Generate Higher Revenue:
Offer premium GBP optimization services with your new expertise, allowing you to command higher fees and boost your overall revenue.


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Local SEOers - GMB Crush is a Must!

GMB Crush is an excellent tool for Local SEO! I've been using it for roughly 6 months and Matteo and the "Crushers" are awesome to be affiliated with. The community and training alone are seriously worth the cost of the software alone. If you're a local seo'er or marketer and need a tool that adds value to your business - GMB Crush is a must. Good job Matteo! Appreciate the software and community.

John David Eakin
United States of America

Our team love GMB Crush! Software + Training + FB Group

Our team love GMB Crush as the software is easy to use and the reports are awesome for clients. What makes this really good is that it is not only great software, but it also comes with lots of training and videos and a super helpful Facebook Group with thousands of members helping each other and Matteo and his team giving spot on advice. This is the full package and I highly recommend GMB Crush.

Russell Brown
New Zealand

I'm thrilled with the GMB crusher…

I'm thrilled with the GMB crusher yearly package - the whole system is great, and the bonus training section is extremely valuable. I'd recommend it to any business owner. I've already updated several of my client's accounts, and I'm looking forward to seeing some results. Thanks for a great product!

Terence Ballinger

GMB Crush is different from any other…

GMB Crush is different from any other tool I've used. It actually gives you steps to take to optimize the GMB. If you follow the steps, you can reliably increase your ranking in Maps. No shots in the dark here. Matteo is responsive to requests for help, too!


C Carmical
United States of America


Got questions after accessing the Mastermind training? No worries! You'll gain access to the GMB Crush Masterclass Facebook group, where I will personally address all your questions.


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You got questions? We have answers.

Below are answers to our most frequently asked questions

What is the GBP Catalyst Ranking Mastermind?
The GBP Catalyst Ranking Mastermind is a comprehensive video training course designed to help you master Google Business Profile optimization. It includes 17 in-depth video lessons, custom-trained GPT tools, and proven strategies to boost your local 3-pack rankings quickly and effectively.
Who is this course designed for?
This course is ideal for local SEO professionals, and digital marketing agencies who want to improve their Google Business Profile rankings. Whether you are new to SEO or an experienced professional, the course provides actionable insights and step-by-step guidance to help you achieve top local search rankings.
What results can I expect after completing the course?
By completing the GBP Catalyst Ranking Mastermind, you can expect to achieve faster local 3-pack rankings, boost client satisfaction and retention. The course equips you with the latest strategies, trained GPT tools, and detailed SOP processes to optimize your GBP effectively.
What additional resources are included in the course?
In addition to the video lessons, the GBP Catalyst Ranking Mastermind includes access to advanced GPT tools, an unfiltered copy-paste SOP process, and Google Ad AI training. These resources are designed to save you time and provide you with the most up-to-date techniques to stay ahead of the competition.
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